3 simple tips to help you pick the perfect clothes for a work out

Most people want to look good and be healthy. This is the number one reason people go to gym but many also want to look good while they are working out. Although your work out attire should be less about fashion and more to do with the fit and comfort of the clothes, feeling good about what you wear does impact your overall workout routine. There are some forms of exercise that may require specific kinds of clothing such as for biking or swimming. Therefore, it is important to choose the right active wear and its accessories in order to get the best benefit out of it. Let’s have a look at some key points below.

Choosing the fabric

Choose fabric that helps your skin to breathe when you sweat by drawing it away from your body through the wicking in the fabric. Polyester, Lycra and Spandex are synthetic fibers that work well and helps cool your body when exercising. Clothing that contains either coolmax or supplex fibers also help manage the body temperature. There are certain brands such as Nike that have particular workout technology incorporated in their sportswear such as Nike Dri-Fit that are of higher quality than the rest.

Appropriate footwear

Like your clothes, the shoes you wear also play an important part in your work out being a successful one. The shoes you wear will also depend on the type of exercises you do. For example; cardio would require shoes that support and protect your feet and legs. If you are running on a treadmill then running shoes would work best. When it comes to training weights and lifting heavy, it is essential to wear shoes that support your ankles and arch. You can carry all of your gym wear and accessories in a canvas tote bag Singapore that has ample space to store everything from a bottle of water, work out towels to caps and jerseys.

Pay attention the fit and needs of your specific activity

Your workout attire depend on your personal style and of course your body image. You can choose to wear loose clothing that also covers most of the body or you choose to wear fitted clothes to flaunt the muscles and curves you have while exercising. Make sure to tailor your clothes to fit in with your specific activity. You wouldn’t want to wear long pants when running or cycling as this will be uncomfortable and more likely to get stuck on the pedals or make you trip and fall. Whatever you choose to wear, always be sure to be comfortable in them.




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