A picture for everyone at your wedding

A wedding is a day each girl’s dream of at one point of time in their life. As the years draw closer to the big day you will develop various methods of making it unique and uncommon so that it would be cherished in your mind as well as the minds of the guests. At present one of the most demanded feature of weddings is the photography. While having pre-shoots of the couple at a date prior to the big day, there are new methods of capturing the guests on the event day to make things more active during the reception.

Say cheese

With the introduction of digital pictures, the sentimental effect of not having a hard copy of the picture taken is greatly missed by a few. Having a photobooth in the wedding for the guests to take pictures with their friends and family is one new method of capturing the hearts of your relatives into hosting a wonderful celebration. You should ideally select a local photographer who has a team of photographers who could cover many skills in terms of videography, photography of the couple, photography of the guests and the photobooth aspect. For instance, if you hope to have your wedding in Singapore, you will need to find the best team of photographers who could accommodate a photobooth Singapore could offer.

Picture you

Most often couples give a picture that are of the newly wedded couple. While the guests would hold this picture for one week at their dwellings, they would dispose it after if they are not closely related to the couple. Therefore, some couples have come up with the idea of producing a picture of the couple along with the individual guests. This would help them cherish the memories more since they will be part of the picture along with the couple.


However, you need to consider the price charged by the photographers. This should not be over the budget since these are minute items that could be overridden as oppose to much more important aspects of a wedding such as food, entertainment, venue, cloths etc. However, if you could search for reliable, good quality photography service providers at a reasonable charge, then it is ideal to undertake this suggestion of a unique photobooth.


The basic assumption of all weddings is that the couple’s decision becoming final. However, at times these decisions are influenced by their parents. They may want to provide their ideas and suggestions to their children and this would have a great influence. For instance, if you bring up a new idea overriding the tradition. Then you will have to carry out debate with them and convince them.




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