All the information you need to know about eyelash extensions

There are many tricks that are now available with regards to makeup. There are many individuals who want to add permanent tattoo eyeliner or every tattoo their eyebrow.


However, those who have trouble with eyelashes, now opt for getting a treatment at eyelash extension Singapore based clinics which will allow you to add length and volume to your current existing lash line. These lashes are applied once at a time.


Here are a few facts and information that will help you understand eyelash extensions better.


Varieties of lashes

There are many types of lashes, which are made of silk, mink, and synthetic. Different looks can be achieved based on the thickness and length that you choose. You can give yourself a cat eye look by adding a few lashes on the outer lash line or even a showgirl look by adding more lashes along the lash line.

Professional service

Never ever let your friend or family member do your eyelash extension treatment just because they have their own kit. You should always read reviews of salons in the vicinity that provide this service and read the reviews before you make an appointment at one of them. The wrong technique might cause you to lose your eyelashes; there might be some spaces, or even cause irritation.


A patch test

Many women who lose their eyelashes go through this because they react differently to the glue that is used on the lashes. Before you use the glue, remember to do a patch test which help you decide if you are allergic to the chemical or not.


The application process

The application process takes some time; if done properly it will take up to two hours to apply a set of full lashes which will be dipped into the glue that is safe for your eyes. Your eyes must be closed during this entire process, so you can doze off a little. This process does not hurt at all and if done by a professional, you will not even know that someone is touching your lashes.


This is stage is very important. You need to take care of them very well and have a set routine to follow. You cannot let heat or water expose the eyes for the first twenty-four hours. This will help the glue set perfectly and all your hard work of sitting in one place for two hours will be paid off.


The life period

Remember that your fake eyelashes will not last forever. They will remain as perfect as on the day it applied for about a minimum of six weeks or a maximum of eight weeks. You should consider getting your eyelashes filled every three or four weeks.


Now that you know about eyelashes, then go ahead and get yours done!



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