Celebrating your parents wedding anniversary

Once you fall in love being married can be bliss. Although domestic misunderstandings and mistakes are not uncommon a couple is happy with each other as long as they understand themselves. Most of the couples are happy to celebrate milestones in their married lives. If your parents are celebrating a huge milestone such as the 50thwedding anniversary, as children it is your responsibility to organise ananniversary party for them.


Organizing a celebration


Having a party at home is not easy. However if you have a proper plan it is not that difficult either. If you are in Singapore you can get party supplies easily, and then planning it and conducting it on your own is not that hard. However if you think it will not be possible for you to engage in related activities of organizing an anniversary party you can hire a Singapore event company to help you. What you must ensure is that the event company has experience in doing things like an anniversary party or wedding and similar proceedings. You need to sit with them and clarify what exactly you are expecting out of this party. Are you thinking of a surprise party? Or are you interested in a theme party? Whicheveritis, you must clarify it to the company you are hiring.

Make it special


Try to make it special for your parents, especially if it is an important milestone such as their 50thanniversary, better known as Golden Jubilee. You can easily have a golden theme in that case. Similarly, try to find something special for the venue and probably have a dress code which the guests must adhere to. You can add a special touch with an attractive theme-oriented cake and gifts. You can also make it so that the guests can make a monetary donation to a charity of your parents choosing rather than giving them gifts. That will be something your parents will take pride in, too.

What it is all about


However, if you don’t visit your parents at all and only show up to organise an anniversary party, that will not make them happy. Parents are most contended seeing the successes of their children; seeing their grandchildren and listening to their stories and so on. So make a habit of visiting your parents at least once a week or even once a month if possible. Teach them some of the new technologies and buy a smart phone so you can keep in touch with them as and when you are free.


Once you are parents you will realize what a grand responsibility it is. So don’t disappoint your parents.



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