Choosing the perfect cushion

Many of us tend to do the huge mistake of randomly selecting a cushion cover and placing it in our home. Even though we don’t realize it cushions play an important role in home decoration. They are considered as one great form of accessory. We all know how much thought we put into our jewelry. Cushions are similar, except they are the jewels to our home. That is why it is so important to choose the right cushion. There are so many things that you will have to consider about when selecting the perfect cushion. Here are our top tips to help you out.




The first thing that you need to do when selecting a cushion cover singapore is to consider about the fabric. Now this will vary according to the location you are hoping to place the question in. If you are looking for a cushion suitable to your bedroom it is better to select a long lasting fabric like cotton. It also needs to be comfortable enough to make your bedroom cozy. But, if it is for the hallway or the living room, you might want to opt for a richer fabric like velvet or silk. This will bring up the luxe tone to the room.



Another thing that you need to consider about is the location that you are going to place the cushion in. This will limit the fabrics, color, pattern, size and so much more. You need to pick the perfect cushion from the right category to suit the location. If you are going to place the cushion in you kids’ rooms, you might want to opt for a more kiddish design like an animal print or so. This will light up your kid’s room and he/she will love it.



Cushions often come in different prints and patterns. This is where many of us gets mislead. Not every design and pattern goes with the tone of our home. If you are a minimalist lover you might want to opt for a simpler design and choose one from black, white, gray color palettes. But, if you going for a more bold statement look you can definitely opt for a brighter color. Make sure you always keep it simple. Don’t over do it as you don’t want the cushions to be the main attraction point of your home.


These are just a few simple tips that will help you out when you go for cushion shopping. It is always necessary to give attention to the trivial details if you are hoping to make your home more sweet.


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