Flowers for every occasion

It can be quite the challenge when you have to pick out the right flowers for the right occasion. You are always wondering what kind of flower you should get for a birthday, for a wedding or for any occasion. The thing here is there are some factors you have to consider before making that final selection. It will be very useful when you know the connotation and symbolism of these different flower colors and flower types to make the right selection.

When it comes to different flowers they carry a specific meaning. For example different shades of roses have different meaning. If we look at it for a first date. It should not be overwhelming. So it is good to go for options such as dandelions, orchids and tulips for first dates. After which for the next few dates you can change it by taking red roses. We all know that a red rose is a symbol of love. So on Valentine’s Day that is the one that you have to go for. Roses that are pink represent elegance while yellow roses represent loneliness. So it best to avoid yellow roses on valentines days. While if you are on a new relationship you can go for a purple rose.

When there is funeral you have to be very careful. You should know not to select the wrong kind of flower. Sympathy flowers for funeral Singapore should consist of yellow daylilies. They normally represent funerals the meaning that it illustrates is a soul leaving its body. Some people also go for chrysanthemums for funeral decorations. They represent a token of comfort and grieve.  Just like that there are also sympathy flowers that are sent for people who are grieving a loss. Daises and lilies are recommended for this. The ones that are in shades of blue and purple represent rebirth and hope.

When it is your anniversary time, the seasonal flowers are what you need. The will represent a very celebratory time of the year. For an example if it is during spring then you will come across flowers such as cherry blossom and peach blossom. When it is during summer you will come across very vibrant and bring colors such as gold, sun flowers and pink roses. Fall flowers are usually on the darker side so be careful when you make your choices. Try different combinations to make up a beautiful bouquet. Always choose the flowers that represent your unique relationship.

As you can tell. There is a different flower for every occasion. Each of it has a meaning of its own. They represent love, sorrow and grief. They are unspoken words. So always be aware of the choices that you make for different occasions.



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