Get to know the Double – Clean up Method in Basic care Treatment

With the ever increasing pollution it is becoming very important to use a cleaning method to freshen up at the end of the day and to take care of your skin. Some people may have a lengthy process of windings down while others may have a ten minute method of cleaning. Whichever method you use, experts now suggest a double clean up as the way to go. It is also a time to reflect and pamper you after a hard day’s work so it is worth the effort.

What is this double clean up?

Expert beauticians and skin care specialists all agree that removing make up and dirt from your skin especially the face is essential. It is a must they say and both small time stylists and professionals alike emphasise this point always. In fact forgetting to wash your face or neglecting this basic ritual can lead to acne and cause major issues to dermis on your face.

The method therefore focuses on getting dirt and grime removed from the face and then washing everything away. Similar to deep pore cleansing facial singapore. So a simple wash with water may not really do the trick anymore.

Part 1: first trick is to use a specially formed cleanser to remove excess oil and any make up you have applied on the face. A cleanser that is oil based is especially important as it helps to dissolve the makeup and the collected oily secretions the body produces. Once these are removed you are left with only the natural oils that are essential for the skin.

Part 2: once you have taken away the excess oil, make up and dirt, you need to use water and lather to really get inside the pores of your face. Since the skin on your face is especially sensitive you need to make sure you scrub or wash upwards. This is important because of the way the pores are situated on the face.

Why is it important?

Based on expert information, this two part process helps to get the cleansing products you use to be more effective. The first part really removed the first layer of impurities so that the cleaning product can really get inside the skin pores and do a thorough job. It is much like painting on canvas; you need to use a base material so that the cleaning agents can work better.

As you can see this double approach is essential and even if you do not wear any make up using this approach to remove dust and dirt will make sure you have youthful healthy looking skin for longer.



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