How the Phenomenal K-Pop Invasion Affected our Lives

We have always been fascinated with celebrities. We tend to follow every bit of gossip about a celebrity that we are obsessed with. For years, what we consider the embodiment of a famous star is those that belong to Hollywood.


Then the invasion of the K-Pop stars (or the grammatically correct term “Hallyu”) began to drive everyone crazy which is undeniably so because of their pure talent and excellent stage presence. Asian fans felt more represented. The catchy songs and tunes managed to cross geographical boundaries and language barriers. The storm of iconic K-pop songs paved the way for these stars to rise into stardom making each and everyone of them a household name.  And because of this phenomenon, consciously and unconsciously, we have let our love for our favorite K-pop star affect our lives.

We buy products they endorse


Buying products our favorite starts endorse is normal. This has been a long-standing tradition making them an advertiser’s dream. But buying products overseas with labels and ingredients you can’t read isn’t. Korean beauty products and cosmetics are booming everywhere. There is a Korean store in every corner selling BB creams, facial moisturizers, make up removers, etc. While some fans opt to get treatments that would make them look like their stars. The popularity of korean facial singapore, and in other Asian countries exponentially rose.


We learned a few Korean words or phrases


Listening to songs on repeat will make us remember some Korean words or phrases that we use seamlessly in our daily lives and which fellow fans effortlessly understand. It became a part of the daily vernacular. Other times, our emotions are best expressed using these words since some doesn’t have an equal English translation. Prime example is “dab-dab-hae” which is the feeling of frustration one gets when he or she is unable to speak or act as they wish. It is no wonder it is often used as part of dialogue in K-dramas and lyrics in K-pop songs.

We began to be interested in everything Korean


The influence of the K-pop stars not only influenced our choice of cosmetics or other products to purchase. It also prompted us to embrace other aspects of the country’s culture. Unsurprisingly, fans became interested in Korean food with Korean BBQ or samgyeopsal topping the list.


There is a downside Hallyu has brought upon pop culture with others saying it has a negative impact on their social life, their studies and relationship with non-fans. But what is important is that following the lives of these K-pop stars and listening to their songs be done in moderation.


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