How to Keep Employees Motivated

This is a golden question that most companies fail to answer! Employee satisfaction is of paramount importance to organizations because happy employees are truly priceless assets. If the workers are dissatisfied with their work they will naturally perform poorly, affect the morale of their teams and leave the organization to work for competitors, giving them the benefit of the long hours of training that you have given your employees. So how do you keep your workers happy? There really is no easy answer to this question, but the following tips will surely help!

  1. Appoint the right leaders

Most employees leave because of the lack of proper leadership. When the line manager has poor people management skills, the entire team’s morale can get affected. Make sure you choose the right people to promote to leadership positions. Give them leadership training and mentoring so they will become great managers with time. When you appoint the right people for influential positions within the organization, they will make sure the employees who report to them are well taken care of.

  1. Be an attentive listener

Always encourage your employees to come to you with their problems. Listen to their grievances and take necessary action immediately so they will have confidence in you. It’s important to be close to your team so they don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of talking to you about their work related problems.

  1. Foster friendship within groups

Your employees spend a greater amount of their time at your office so it’s your duty to make sure the place is void of hostility and strife. Foster an ambience of friendship and positivity so they will feel like coming to work! Most of your employees lead stressed out lives, trying to keep up with the demands of the world at a dizzying pace. In countries like Singapore, where hard work is the norm, these situations are actually quite serious. So it’s quite important to help your workers enjoy the time they spend at office. You really don’t have to go out of your way everyday trying to make everyone feel extra special! Just a thoughtful note or a simple smile and a ‘thank you’ will often be more than enough. You can opt to buy personalised corporate gifts Singapore has to make them feel special on their birthdays and anniversaries too.

  1. Offer good benefits

A large number of employees choose to work not because they are particularly passionate about what they do, but because they really need the money. Understand this and offer them good benefits so they will have reasons to work for you. Revise salary scales regularly and offer bonuses during special events because of you don’t they will start working for a competitor who does.



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