How to rock your office year-end party

It is the end of another year! Apart from the holidays coming up and you are waiting to get together with your family and friends, this is also the office party season. Almost all the companies will have their own company event; most probably a Christmas party at a star-class hotel, or it could also be a theme-party such as a luau in the beach.


Be careful of…


First thing you must remember is that you need to behave at the party. This is after all, the place you work, and you are expected to be professional even though it is a celebration. So don’t drink too much or try to wade in to unwanted territory of fellow colleagues. Also try not to “shine too bright” by attempting to take the centre of attention. All this might make you feel it is better to not to attend; however it is a good thing to do and especially if you were unhappy with someone, to make up. Talk to everyone. Especially if you are a manager, don’t forget to talk to all your subordinates and ask after their families etc. If it is a family party, hopefully they will be there, so you might have to try and remember their names or at least what they do.

How to get ready?


Again, this is an office party. Don’t go too flashy. If there is a dress code, by all means, try to stick to it, but don’t overdo it. For example, if it is a Luau, it might not be a good idea to go in a grass skirt and coconut shell top. Talk to your colleagues and see what they are hoping to wear. Especially if you are new to this company, you might want to refer to photos of the last year’s party. Some companies have an unwritten rule on dress codes. If it is a multicultural place such as Singapore, be mindful of others’ sentiments too. You can easily get on online shopping Singapore fashion with your office buddies to find the perfect dress and all of you can dress somewhat similar so no one is hurt or upset by your choice.

Steps to be a good guest


Brace yourself with alcoholic drinks. Mingle and talk to everyone. Even if you are not a manager, there is no issue in getting to know someone if you don’t already know them and making friends. Don’t rush your presence; some just come to “show their face” and leave after the boss noticed them present. Do not be such a person. The company spends money and host a party so everyone can get together and have some fun. If you have time pre-party, ask if you can help with the decorations etc. It is not just the HR or the welfare committee that must attend to a company event.


A year ends and a new year begins with many hopes and wishes. An organization will also have many new goals and objectives. The end of a year is marked by a celebration of success throughout the past time. Be an active part of that success.



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