How to use the web to shop seamlessly

We have all been there. We visit a reputed online store, there are very beautiful dresses and shirts, we order size medium because that is the size which usually fits and it arrives within 14 business days as promised. However when worn it looks like you have got the size completely wrong and it fits horribly. How can we overcome this obstacle and use online stores flawlessly?


Why choose online?


One might ask, if you have the possibility of facing so many obstacles, why use online shopping at all? There are several reasons. Usually clothes online are cheaper. This has a rationale behind it; no physical premises have to be rented and paid, no overheads or maintenance costs etc. so the overall cost is low. Also there are flash sales and many other bargained sales in many online stores all year round. Due to the capacity of a website display of number of clothes is unlimited whilst a physical store will have limited space. When sorting, you can simply type in what you are looking for; a blue dress, ankle length with collars. It will take years to find an exact match in a physical store. Whatever you pick and pay will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep, too.

Avoiding mishaps


Measurements are different in different countries. That also could be the reason why you sometimes ended up with something entirely different to what you ordered. So the best thing is to get yourself measured with a professional. It may sound tedious, however, the way professionals measure and how we amateurs do it, is different. There is an exact place, for example, which you measure to take the hip size. Once done, you can convert the measurements to European size, UK size and US size. Those are the main three measurements that are used worldwide. In addition to that Asians sizes differ a bit as well. However when you have measurements of neck, arm, chest, waist and hip, you can easily compare it against the size charts provided in the online stores when you are fashion dresses shopping Singapore.

Materials and cuts


When you are shopping online it is important to know your materials. Online sellers usually provide all details; assume you are looking for a skirt, what you look up will say, knee length, flared, cotton polyester mix etc. Now you must have an idea what is cotton polyester mix. Also when you are shopping for a certain occasion, have a material or two in mind. Then it is easier for you to sort the available dresses or costumes as well. When you are familiar with materials you will know that some garments are better in certain materials; so you can choose accordingly.


There is a solution to every problem online. Similarly, there is an answer to whatever the issue you have in online shopping also. You just have to find the right one.



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