Permanent eyeliner, yeah! Or neh ?

Have you noticed how on that specific day that you have a fab date or an important meeting scheduled, your eyeliner decide to act up and mimic an old Chinese man? It is like they have a mind of their own that is set out to ruin our life’s plans. Have you noticed that on such days your favourite eye pencil decides to take a walk very conveniently away from the bathroom counter and when you try to be a sport about it the pencil sharpener goes AWOL too? How about when on a random day that you decide to idle at home they decide to behave and be ready in just a few strokes?

What if there was a way to put an end to all this drama? Some do not understand the urgency of decent liner application. It is annoying to see the individuals blessed with perfect hand manuring that makes it possible for them to get their liner on in two minutes not see why we do what we do to be dolled up too. Some may consider this a little extreme but I vote ‘’yes ‘’ for eyeliner embroidery. Apart from saving very precious minutes during our morning routines, perfect eyeliner can be that one thing that helps you get over the Monday blues. Prepped and ready to go eye makeup also means that you can stare down any body like a boss lady because you know that your brows are on fleek while you make them uneasy with your staring.

Yes going all natural compliments some faces but most of us need a little loving and a few minutes with our go-to makeup essentials. My face certainly needs that extra attention to help me get thought the first half of the day and eyeliner is a very important aspect of that routine I follow religiously. The things is this is not something just us ladies are interested in. The boys seem to think that permeant of semi-permanent eyebrows make sense and seem to be practical on the long run too. This trend has taken the whole world by a storm with it expanding to  both ends of the world including   the far ends of unites states of America as well as the more traditional communities such as Korea etc and by the looks of it they are here to stay.

The only important thing to remember when you attempt any procedure on yourself, however insignificant it may seem is to be refer a professional who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to do the needful. This is something we often fail to take for granted.




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