Strategies to get more people to apply for a job in your company:

A lot of companies have different methods or strategies in terms of attracting people to apply for job openings. One of the most popular and most convenient ways to get more applicants is by joining job fairs which are mostly held in public places such as malls or even public parks. Organizers of job fairs often tend to choose venues that has high foot traffic so the participating companies can get more applicants. Even though you have a good company you also have to keep in mind that your competitors are also as good or maybe even better than you so one of the best strategies is to employ effective human resource staff that can help market and convince walk in applicants to apply in you company.

Before setting up your booth in the job fair you will be given a specific location by the organizer. Try to bargain for the best spot or location where to set up your booth. It is important that applicants would be able to easily recognize your booth because it is accessible. Decorate or set up your company logo for it to be visible to everyone walking down the areas. If you could bring additional stuff such as comfortable chairs where applicants can wait for their turn, offer refreshments or free coffee and some reading materials about the company.


Show your applicants that you appreciate their efforts in applying for your company by giving freebies from Cheap door gifts Singapore. Remember that it is the thought that counts, it wont really matter if your items are expensive or not. Normally applicants would be thankful with small and unexpected gifts coming from anybody. These items are also very much helpful in attracting people to try getting a job in your company.

Some companies giver better incentives or gift to applicants who get hired on the spot. Have you ever heard of the “welcome kit”? Since most companies still offer training to their new hires, the welcome kit would usually comprise all the things that the person would need in the office such as notebooks, notepad, pencils, ball pens, coffee mugs or water bottles. Do some research about this because some companies are already doing this strategy. Welcome kits are being given upon contract signing. If you feel that your human resource team is efficient and capable enough to handle one day hiring process, all the better. Applicants, well most of them have limited budget or resources so they would prefer if they apply and get hired on the same day.



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