Tips for throwing an epic children’s birthday party

Every parent wants to give their children the gift of great birthday parties during the early years of their lives because it can have a significant impact on the way the little tykes grow up and will create some beautiful memories that they can one day look back on with a smile. To throw a great party, you don’t necessarily have to spend loads of money. With a proper bit of planning and a few creative ideas, your child will get to enjoy their best day yet with the people he loves the most. In this article, we will look into a few ways in which you can achieve this.

Plenty of activities

You will need no help deciding on who you are going to invite and sending out the invitations, but if there aren’t enough fun-filled activities for the kids to do at the bash, it will quickly become a dull affair. Kids are oozing with energy and enthusiasm when they are with their peers and they must be kept busy the whole time by organizing lots of entertainment activities that they will enjoy. Badge making, mask painting, stamp art, keychain making, glitter tattoos and terrarium making Singapore specialist event planners offer will take this load off your shoulders, so you can focus more on attending to the guests and making sure everything else goes according to plan.

Select a theme

Your child may have certain interests such as movies, sports stars, super heroes, cartoons or musical bands that they may want to use as the theme of their birthday bash. It is important to discuss about the things they like and would want in their celebration, rather than picking something you consider to be cute as a parent. Involve them in the decision-making process and get their ideas on how you can effectively apply the selected theme to the party. A few commonly preferred themes for children below the age of 5 are butterflies, lady bugs, bubbles and rainbows that will help them relate to simple yet beautiful things they often find in nature. For relatively older kids, Harry Potter themed magic parties are always a hoot and you can supplement it with some candies and baked food items that are shaped and wrapped accordingly. Girls that age are into Barbie dolls and other fairy tale characters and you can ask them whether they would prefer a celebration with a similar theme.

Open gifts after the party

Kids are curious and they will not want to wait to open the many presents they get from their friends and other guests, but as a parent you must make sure they wait till the party is over to do this. Obviously, most of the guests will be your child’s friends who expects their friends to love what they have got for him or her. However, if the presents re opened while everyone is around and your kid gets upset or show little excitement about some of the presents, it might seriously hurt the feelings of the guests, both young and grownup.



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