Tips on how to organize your makeup

Make up plays a huge role in every girls, women’s life. With time there are so many make up products that’s been introduced to the makeup industry. When it comes for all the beauty bloggers, influencers  they are quiet fortunate enough to get  their hands on the best makeup products that one could ever get. It sound amazing doesn’t it?  However, it also can be quiet overwhelming when it comes to organizing all your cosmetics once you have used them.  Certain women loves to keep all the things organized while certain women will have the makeup scatted in the bag itself. Below are some of the top beauty hacks from beauty bloggers.

Make a list of the makeups you got

If you are a  true crazy makeup collector, its not that easy to keep a track of each and every make up you have and purchase. So it’s always best to keep a track on the brands and the type of makeup you purchase. If you are buying the same old brand over and over again, this way you can actually think of buying a new product on cosmetic counter display.One of the other tip is that if you can write down and label where you keep each and every product you buy. This will prevent you from buying the same product over and over again.

Get rid of the expired products

You have to make sure you get rid of the expired and old products. Since you don’t want to end up using products that are finished and expired. There will be bacteria’s, germs and other disgusting and grossness will start to grow inside these products if it’s not thrown away. So always make sure you keep a clean makeup place and get rid of all the expired and makeup products that you don’t use.

Sort the makeup by type

One of the easiest way to identify your makeup products, is sorting them properly, Lipsticks belongs to the lipstick shelf, and your eye liners with the eyeliners etc. This way you know where exactly to find the product you are looking for. You also can color coordinate it as well.  If you are using more skin care products and creams, you can basically put it in a zip lock bag and label it as well. So incase if you are over with one product you know where exactly to find an extra one.

Keep the products in an accessible place

Having all your makeup in one place can be quiet overwhelming. But there are certain makeups that you will not need anytime sooner. So always make sure you keep the makeup products you need in a place where you can access easier instead of going through a whole lot of it.


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