Top Things You Must Do With Your BFF

If you have a beautiful soul you call ‘best friend’, who stays by your side through thick and thin, you really must make efforts to celebrate your friendship! After all, good friends are hard to come by and you certainly do know it. So here are a few things that you can do with your partner in crime to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mini photo shoot

Take a few lovely shots that you will be able to frame and treasure for years to come. You can dress up if you like, with makeup and super stylish attire or go as you are, the choice is entirely yours. Hire a professional photographer for the purpose or ask another friend who has a good eye (and an even better camera!), to take the shots for you.

You can choose the destination. If your friendship dates back to your school days, you can go to your school during a special event and take the shots in places that are memorable to you. Recreate your old photos by sitting and posing in the same way to have something to laugh at, if you wish! If you are living in Singapore photo booth services will also be available to help you create beautiful shots.

Travel together

If you have the means, opt to travel to an exotic destination and enjoy a tropical vacation at a luxury hotel. If you want to keep things simple, travel to a beautiful place nearer to your home and spend the night at a hotel, watching movies and gossiping!

Check out the hot blokes on social media

You both know everything there is to know about each other. So take out your phones and start going through the profiles of guys you secretly like and secretly hate, on social media. Ask for each other’s opinions while you are at it too! This is something most girls do anyway!

Get tattooed together

If you both love the idea of getting inked for life, go to a tattoo parlor and get yourselves nice little tattoos. Try to get similar ones, so whenever you see it, you will be reminded of your best friend. You can look for ideas and inspiration on the internet.

Get a new, matching hairdo

You can both visit a salon and try bold new haircuts together if you like! If you want to try the new pastel hair colors, you can do so with your best friend too. Try to get highlights of the same shade and take lots of photos for your social media feeds.

Do something special with your beloved best friend and create memories that will last for a lifetime!


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